A J Faris
Mystery and Suspense

Into the Dark by A J Faris

Selas Harbor is a homely and quiet town, but full of secrets, lies, disappearances and murders. Amelia Carter needs to find her brother Mark, dead or alive. The quest is hard, even for a smart homicide detective like Amelia. Amelia is drawn to the town after she receives a letter from her estranged brother, Mark claiming to be in danger. Despite their differences, the stubborn but intelligent Amelia decides to go to Selas Harbor where Mark resides.

After arriving in the swampy and woody town of Selas Harbor, the web of lies that had served as a façade for the dark happenings in this nebulous town begins to unravel. The quest to find Mark is becoming hard. Amelia meets unique characters, each with their own goals, and suspicious motives. Uncovering truth about her brother and this town might be more than what Amelia can handle, both physically and mentally.

How does Amelia cope with her newfound reality and ominous position? Take a read and find out!

Lexi felt so betrayed that she snapped.

And it changed the entire course of her life.

28 year old Lexi could have had it all, if it weren’t for that fateful night 10 years ago when she was charged with murder.

Now she’s back in her close-knit hometown, Garrison, with a tarnished reputation and a criminal record to match. Her sole mission is to shed her past and learn to live her new life. After all, she already served her time. She spent a decade grieving over what happened to her best friend, even if the details are unclear.

But now that private investigator Zac Booth is in town, her plan of moving on is completely derailed. He’s supposedly in town looking into a disappearance from over ten years ago. Lexi doesn’t see how she could possibly help. She doesn’t want anything to do with another mystery, even if Zac is undeniably attractive. In fact, he’s the first attractive man she’s seen in a decade who wasn’t telling her to get back to her cell.

Either way, she can’t help him.

…Or can she?

The more she tries to escape the past, the more she learns that her past is not at all what she thought it was.